transformedIn America, 22.2% of adult women are binge drinkers, and 8.7% of the entire population engages in illicit drug use. The result is 21.6 million Americans, age 12 and older, need treatment and only 2.3 million receive it. Yet untreated addiction is more expensive than our nation’s leading causes of death: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

TRANSFORMED is the story of one addict who received treatment repeatedly, only to relapse again and again. With all the tools she had at her disposal – the support of her family, financial support, a college education, a successful career, devout faith, plenty of people who loved her — she still needed more help. What hope do other addicts have? Read her words and find out.

TRANSFORMED is a real-world love story between MJ and God, and the relationship anyone who asks can have with faith. No one is unredeemable. No one is without God’s hope for them. No matter what faith or religion, everyone is supported by this highest power, and their Creator’s deepest love. As MJ puts it, God pursued her to Hell to rescue her, and despite her behavior his grace was hers for the asking.

TRANSFORMED is a book exploring the depths of addiction, the struggle to find hope in the darkest days, the crushing threat of relapse, and the ultimate triumph of the choice to live in the light. No one who reads TRANSFORMED can walk away unaffected by this powerful memoir.

Buy the e-book or buy the paperback.


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